General Terms and Conditions


Any order placed by a Customer shall constitute an offer to Contract subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions herein contained and unless expressly agreed in writing by an Authorised representative of NetNodes no addition to, or variation from, these Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply. These Standard Terms and Conditions will negate the Customer’s own Terms and Conditions as such.

  • "NetNodes" means NetNodes Limited, whose registered office is at The Forge, Coed Y Dwr, Oldwalls, SA3 1HA, UK, the Supplier

  • "CUSTOMER" means the person, firm or organisation placing an order for products or services with NetNodes.

  • "PRODUCT" means any service, product, item of equipment, hardware, software, microchip, semiconductor (or any other item containing, using or dependant upon any of the foregoing) supplied by NetNodes under this agreement including, in the case of service, any hardware or software provided to the customer by NetNodes as part of such service or used by NetNodes as part of such service.

  • "SERVICE" means the services to be provided under this agreement as described in the services part of this document or used by NetNodes as part of such service.

  • "WE, US, OUR" etc refer to NetNodes.

  • "YOU, YOURS" etc. refer to the CUSTOMER. ​


Any order placed by a Customer shall constitute an offer to Contract subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions herein contained and unless expressly agreed in writing by an Authorised representative of NetNodes no addition to, or variation from, these Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply. These Standard Terms and Conditions will negate the Customer’s own Terms and Conditions as such. ​


All prices quoted are net, and unless explicitly marked are ex VAT and exclude packaging, delivery and all due taxes which shall remain the responsibility of the Customer. Quoted prices are valid for 14 days only. NetNodes reserves the right to change published prices at any time. ​


Credit terms will be granted at the discretion of NetNodes. If credit is granted, payment will be due fourteen (14) days from the date of NetNodes' invoice. If NetNodes does not grant Credit terms, all orders placed will be on a cash-with-order basis. If Customer fails to pay invoices within the period of Credit set, NetNodes reserves the right to hold shipment of any further orders until payment has been received. If Customer fails to pay any sum when due or fails to perform under this or any other agreement with NetNodes after seven (7) days Notice, NetNodes shall be entitled to interest on the amount due at Bank of England’s base rate plus 8%, per calendar month. Interest will be calculated from due date, and NetNodes is entitled to recover all extra expenses incurred, including legal fees and cost of collection. Extended credit terms may be available on receipt of written application. Any queries on invoices must be notified in writing within five (5) working days of the invoice date. ​

Orders and Cancellations

All orders must be sent to NetNodes in writing before they can be processed and despatched. If the customer wishes to cancel or reschedule delivery dates of any order, consideration will only be given if application is made in writing to NetNodes more than five (5) working days prior to the scheduled delivery date or, in the case of goods ordered for immediate despatch, before the order has been despatched. In the event of cancellation prior to despatch, NetNodes shall be entitledR to claim an amount equal to five (5) per cent of the value of the order. If the cancellation is received once the goods have been despatched it will become a returns issue and the returns procedure will become applicable. ​

Right of Termination

If, at any time either party makes default or commits any breach of its obligations under this agreement and (upon receiving written notification from the other of such default or breach) fails to remedy the default or breach within fourteen (14) days, or is involved with any legal proceedings concerning its solvency or of serious doubt of its solvency, or commences liquidation, or ceases to, or threatens to, cease trading, then the other party shall immediately become entitled (without prejudice to its other rights) to terminate its agreement forthwith by notice in writing to the other. Upon termination of this agreement by NetNodes for whatever reason NetNodes shall, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, be paid (i) the outstanding balance of charges due in respect of any works or Services carried out or equipment provided under this agreement prior to the date of termination; (ii) the price of equipment or services ordered by NetNodes on behalf of the customer for which NetNodes has paid or is legally bound to pay. ​

Dialled Network Services

If the goods delivered and/or installed are designed to connect to a dialled network service (such as, but not limited to, ISDN services), please note that telecoms provider call charges will apply. There is a possibility that, following installation, the equipment will come or remain on line for extended periods or excessively frequently thereby incurring line charges with your telecommunications provider. NetNodes is not responsible for the charges that may be made by your telecoms provider. It remains the responsibility of the customer at all times to monitor the line usage and ensure that charges are kept to a minimum. NetNodes will not accept liability for any call charges. It is the responsibility of the customer to notice or take action on any condition causing excessive or excessively long calls. ​


Clerical errors are subject to correction by NetNodes at any time. ​

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations if such failure results from an Act of God, governmental act, fire, explosion, accident, industrial dispute, or any other cause beyond the parties control. ​


Except where expressly referred to in this agreement, this agreement represents the entire agreement between parties. Each party warrants that no representation not recorded in this agreement has been made which has induced the other party into this agreement. Neither party shall assign this agreement without the prior written consent of the other (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed). No failure, delay, relaxation or indulgence on the part of either party in exercising any power or right conferred upon such party in this agreement shall operate as a waiver of such power or right. Any notice given under this agreement by either party to the other must be in writing and shall be effected by personal delivery, facsimile, email or registered mail postage to the address set out on the face of this agreement or such other address as shall have been notified and shall in the case of facsimile or email, be deemed to be received on the same date as it was sent and in the case of postage within 48 hours after the date of posting if posted in the United Kingdom. The provisions of this agreement are severable and if any provision (not being a fundamental term) is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions. No variation is valid unless signed by authorised signatories of both parties. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. ​

Terms and Conditions for the of Sale of Products


All descriptions and illustrations contained in catalogues, price lists, proposals, advertising matter and all publications are intended to be illustrative only and shall not form part of a Contract unless specifically incorporated therein by written agreement between the Customer and NetNodes. NetNodes reserve the right to update any specification of goods without prior notice, however, any such changes shall not materially impair performance. ​


Delivery is subject to NetNodes product availability at the time the Customer’s order is received. NetNodes will deliver to the address specified in the Customer's order using standard packaging (this may not be original packaging) & transportation. Every reasonable effort shall be made to meet estimated delivery dates but NetNodes shall not accept any liability whatsoever resulting from delay or failure in delivery. Time of the essence does not apply to any order. Claims for non-delivery must be made in writing to NetNodes within five (5) working days from date of invoice. NetNodes cannot be held responsible for consequential loss for matters out of the Company's control. No claims for shortage or visible damage will be accepted unless notification is received in writing within two (2) days of receipt. Customers may request to collect products from NetNodes’ premises, but will do so at their own risk and liability. NetNodes can accept no responsibility for products damaged or lost by Customer's own transportation or third party contract. ​


Risk in the goods shall pass to the Customer upon the delivery and the Customer shall insure them for not less than the full invoice value whilst the goods are in the Customer’s possession and control. Title to the goods shall remain with NetNodes until full payment has been received by NetNodes from the customer. Notwithstanding such retention of the title the Customer, may in the ordinary course of business, resell the goods. However, NetNodes may revoke such power of sale at any time when the payment price, or any part thereof, is overdue or in the event that the Customer is in breach of any other Standard Term and Condition herein. Upon such revocation, or upon termination of this agreement under clause 5, the Customer shall return the goods, or such part as still remains in the Customer's possession or control, to NetNodes and shall allow NetNodes (or agent acting on behalf of NetNodes) immediate entry and access to all premises where goods are kept to allow NetNodes to re-possess them should it wish to do so. ​


Any Products sent to the Customer on Evaluation will be invoiced in full. A credit note will be issued when the goods (including original packaging, documentation, cables accessories etc.) are received by NetNodes, in pristine condition, within the stated period on the Evaluation Form. Insurance is the Customer’s responsibility. ​


NetNodes reserves the right to refuse to accept returns other than those in accordance with this clause. The Customer must inform NetNodes within ten (10) days of any defective goods. This is from the date the goods are received by the customer. This must then be confirmed in writing by the customer. A Returns Form must be completed. A Returns number will be issued. This returns number must be clearly displayed on the outside of any package. Our returns department will reject any items returned without this number, and all consequent costs will be the responsibility of the Customer. Any goods to be returned must be received by NetNodes within 14 days of the returns number being issued. Customer will pay a re-stocking fee if goods are returned without fault or if wrongly ordered by the customer. The restocking fee will reflect any charges incurred upon NetNodes in returning the goods to the Manufacturer or Supplier. The minimum charge will be £30. Goods must be returned in their original packaging and not marked or damaged in any way. A cleaning and repackaging fee may be charged for goods that are not returned in a saleable condition. ​


NetNodes warrants that goods delivered under the Contract are as described and that NetNodes has the right to sell same. All Products supplied carry their respective Manufacturer’s warranty. NetNodes DOES NOT supply their own warranty with products unless specified. NetNodes’ liability in respect of goods will be limited to the manufacturer's own warranty terms and conditions. Subject to the provisions above, all implied warranties or conditions, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality or fitness for any purpose of the goods is hereby expressly excluded and NetNodes shall not (except as set out above) be under any liability whatsoever in respect of goods delivered or for any loss to the property of any person resulting from such defects from any cause whatsoever. ​


If the goods and/or technical data are licensed under United States government export laws then, regardless of any disclosure made by the Customer to NetNodes of an ultimate destination of goods and/or technical data outside of the United Kingdom, it is the Customer’s sole responsibility to obtain the written consent of the United States Government and local authorities before re-exporting any such goods and/or technical data from the United Kingdom. NetNodes shall not be responsible for any costs or damages resulting from the failure of the customer to obtain such consent.

Terms and Conditions for Installation, Configuration and Professional Services

The Service

The service will be defined and documented in a "scope of works" document agreed with the customer in advance. Any work requested by the customer which is not included in this agreement will be charged at NetNodes’ then current rates. The service shall commence on the date agreed between the parties and shall be complete on a signature by the Customer or when all the works detailed in the scope of works document have been completed. Where the service is performed on a time and materials basis rather than a fixed price, NetNodes shall supply, if requested, completed time sheets to support its charges. Such timesheets shall be conclusive evidence of the time spent by NetNodes. NetNodes has the right to sub-contract any or all of the works forming part of the service to a competent sub-contractor. Where any equipment is supplied as part of the service, such equipment shall be subject to our standard terms and conditions for the sale of products in addition to these terms.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer shall provide a representative who shall sign all relevant documentation. Provide, at its expense, such technical and other information, as NetNodes shall require for the performance of the service. Provide such access to its equipment, as NetNodes shall require for the provision of the service. This includes access to any telecommunications lines required for the service and suitable passwords for any equipment. If sufficient access is not provided, NetNodes shall not be obliged to perform the service and may charge the customer for costs and expenses incurred; Take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of NetNodes personnel whilst on the customer's site; Ensure that adequate backup copies of its operating system, application software and data files are kept; Provide a suitable mains power supply and a suitable working area for NetNodes personnel; If the customer cancels by less than twenty-four (24) hours notice any appointment forming part of the service, NetNodes may charge for the service that would have been performed but for such a cancellation.


NetNodes warrants that: The service will be provided with reasonable skill and care; It will use suitably qualified and experienced personnel in the provision of the service; Cabling installed under this agreement will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of installation. In the event of any breach of the warranties given in this clause the customer's sole remedy shall be the repair or replacement, at NetNodes' sole discretion, of the item concerned.


Each party undertakes to keep and maintain all confidential information in the strictest confidence and not to disclose such information to any third party without prior written consent of the other. The provisions of this clause shall apply for the term of this agreement and for five years after.


NetNodes liability for physical damage to the Customer's property is limited to £1,000,000 (one million pounds) in respect of any event or series of related events. Neither party limits or excludes its liability for personal injury or death of any persons resulting from its negligence. Save as set out above, in no event shall NetNodes’ liability to the customer under this agreement exceed the sum of monies received by it under this agreement in the previous 12 months or £1,000,000 (one million pounds) whichever is the lesser. NetNodes excludes all liabilities not expressly included in this agreement, and in particular shall have no liability for (i) destruction of or damage to the customers data; (ii) any loss in profits, goodwill, revenue, production, anticipated savings, use or contracts or any form of special, indirect or consequential losses whatsoever.